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Haunted History tour, paired with an actual paranormal investigation!

Dates for Summer 2021:
  • June 19
  • August 14
  • September 11
The Most Haunted and Creepy Historic Sites of the Old Pueblo

About this event

In East Los Angeles and in the shadow of downtown are some of the most notoriously haunted sites in city, indeed in the country. Many of you have joined us on our spine-chilling haunted history walking tours – evenings spent exploring lost cemeteries and abandoned hospitals, stepping into haunted bell towers and past ghostly ballrooms – now are you ready to follow-up with some paranormal investigating lead by local expert paranormal explorers?

Join us for our all new series call “Boyle Heights: The Paranormal Experience”. We are going to be spending the first two hours of the tour learning about local haunted history with selections from our notorious walking ghost tour series, followed by an hour-long hands-on paranormal investigation at one of our notoriously haunted sites in the neighborhood.

This event is ideal for both new fans of local haunted history and seasoned paranormal explorers alike.

The history tour will be lead by local historian and Latino Jewish spiritual leader Shmuel Gonzales, the Barrio Boychik, and founder of BOYLE HEIGHTS HISTORY STUDIOS, our neighborhood museum and cultural center; followed with an actual one-hour paranormal investigation workshop.

These are the topics and sites we are going to be visiting on our haunted history walking tour for this evening:

  • Indigenous history of Los Angeles and Boyle Heights - the locations of our local indigenous villages, as well as worship and burial sites.

  • The Hotel Mariachi/Mariachi Plaza – where some of the famed locals from the Spanish/Mexican-eras, as well as some interesting characters who married into these clans are still said to be seen in apparition form surveying the community from above the roof of the antique hotel.

  • The Bagues Mortuary – we will talk about the historic discrimination against many ethnic minorities even in death, and those who have dedicated themselves to serving our community with dignity for generations. We will also discuss the interesting reactions local paranormal practitioners have to this historic building.

  • The Japanese Quarter of Boyle Heights – introduction to Japanese haunted history. Are the disturbed spirits of Japanese elders trying to reveal the location of their most precious belongings they buried before being sent to concentration camps during WWII? We will dig into this fascinating history.

  • Evergreen Cemetery– the first non-racially segregated cemeteries of Los Angeles, or was it?

  • The Los Angeles County Coroners Crematorium and burial ground – the final resting place of the unclaimed dead of Los Angeles county, which are both cremated and buried at this location; each year some 1,200 to 1,500 unclaimed dead are buried here each year, making this site there final resting place of the most poor and unrecognized people of our city. We will talk about how each years locals hold a memorial for those being collectively buried each winter, in order to try to bring ultimate peace to these souls.

  • The Disappearing Girl – the most famous ghost story in America, born in this very neighborhood. We will reveal the creation of the most famous urban legend, and explain how it became this most spooky piece of Americana.

  • Pentrolli’s Ballroom/Leon de Oro-Salon de la Plaza – urban legend and dance site of the Disappearing Girl haunting; it was also one of the barrio locations of the turbulent Zoot Suit Riots. This site has long been associated with visual apparitions seen on the dance floor.

  • The Old Masonic Hall/Boyle Heights City Hall – one of the most haunted sites in the neighborhood. as confirmed by people workers and even high ranking officials of city council.

  • LAPD Hollenbeck Police Station – this precinct is often associated with the antics of mobsters such as Mickey Cohen; it’s holding cells are said to still attract the souls of some this sites most notorious guests. including a most notorious mass murder who was captured in our community, known as The Night Stalker.

For our paranormal investigation we will be exploring at and doing:

  • The Gates of Evergreen Cemetery – The oldest cemetery is Los Angeles and the street that it is named after is one of the most spooky locations in the barrio. Indeed this very street and cemetery is actually associated with the most famous ghost story in American folklore – the Disappearing Girl, a notorious American folk story in which a boy unwittingly goes on a date with a ghost and he doesn’t find out until her parents shown him the girl’s tombstone… which when they come upon her tombstone that day, they find his sweater that he lent her the night before neatly folded upon it!

  • We will return to the spot where this story of the Disappearing Girl took place in circa-1947. We will show the corner where the disappearing date was picked-up and dropped-off, and trace the foot-steps of this most famous ghost story to the gates of the cemetery in which she was found buried. We will also tell how it was popularized by an American folk song in 1965 called “Laurie (Strange Things Happen in this World)” by folk singer Dickey Lee, and thereafter became the most famous ghost story in the cannon of American ghost stories and transported as a urban legend to neighborhoods across the country.

  • And we will also follow-up on the reports of haunted encounters just outside of the gates of the cemetery. We will show how local community leaders have previously documented the ghostly encounters here, and try to follow-in their footsteps and also capture investigative evidence and document paranormal encounters which bare witness to generations of reported haunting just outside of the gates of this cemetery.

  • We will also be doing paranormal investigation near the entrance, in an area which once had graves and which are believed to have been covered over with 8-to-10-feet of dirt to create this entrance back near the turn of the 20th century. We are also going to see if we can communicate with spirits who might be able to shed light on this history which might explain for the disturbances experienced here in front of the cemetery, on the city created jogging path.

  • We will be giving pendulums to each guest to use for paranormal investigating activities, which is yours to keep! We will also be bringing out our Ghost-Box scanners and electro-magnetic disturbance detectors. We will also be learning how to capture both paranormal voice phenomena and ghostly images on our smartphones.

We are going to be guiding guests in trying various methods to detect spirit activity; as well as capture audio, photography and video evidence of paranormal activity.

This tour is intended to be both an informative and lighthearted. We will embrace both the cultural and oral histories of the neighbor. We will also talk about how in many ethnic traditions there are healthy ways to come to terms with death and to also perpetuate the memories of our loved ones which will live on through us. On this tour will we honor the souls of all those who came before us, and commit ourselves to always helping the souls of our forebears into the Light!


Our event will begin promptly at 6pm, so we will start check-in around 5:45pm at our museum, BOYLE HEIGHTS HISTORY STUDIOS - located at 2026 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, 90033.


We will be engaging in our history tour for the first 2 hours, and the final hour we will be be engaging in paranormal investigation at our final location near Evergreen Cemetery.


This is a complete walking tour and you must be able to walk and stand the entire time; there will be no locations for sitting during this walking tour, as we make our way through the community. People in wheelchairs are welcomed, and we will modify our route accordingly.


There will be opportunities to use the bathroom at some of the locations. Do feel free to use the restrooms at our offices before and after our walking tour.

PARKING AND PUBLIC TRANSIT: We do not have a parking lot. There is limited parking in the neighborhood. Do not park in metered parking, as they only allow 1-hour parking until 8pm and are very strict; the best parking is located on Cummings Street. Our location is walking distance from both of the Gold Line stations, equal distance from Mariachi Plaza and Soto Station. We are located near the corners of St. Louis and 1st Street; across the street from Hollenbeck Police Station and a couple doors down from Casa 0101 Theater. We are on the southwestern corner of the intersection, with a big funky public mural out front.

REMINDERS: There are no refunds. If you are ill, please stay home and contact to make arrangements to attend a future event.


The proceeds of this tour go to the funding of Boyle Heights History Studios - museum and cultural center.

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